What’s Up With That- Tuesday August 18th Edition

Time once again for a rambling What’s Up With That?


What’s up with the INVISIBILITY CLOAK on my car?     It works so well that nobody can see me.

I know this because as I was driving to work this morning 4 cars pulled right out in front of me and another one was so close to my bumper in the back that I could have picked the driver’s nose.

I’ve often wished to be invisible but never when I’m driving and I’ve never ever wanted to pick another persons nose.


What’s up with my 60-year-old SKIN?    Sometime during the night my face decided it was 15 and sprouted a lovely red bump.


Now normally this wouldn’t bother me too much but why oh why does it happen right before I have to travel.   Also, I have an urge to skip school or smoke in the girls room.


What’s up with GRUMPY PEOPLE?

If I wanted you to rain on my parade I’d get you a VIP pass and a front row seat.

Notice I said “IF”  meaning I do not want to be exposed to your grump ass mood.   Plaster a damn smile on your face and fake it.


What’s up with the HUMIDITY?

I know it’s summer.  I don’t mind summer.  In fact I freaking love summer.

I do not , however, love being in a steam room just walking from the office to my car.   Sweaty is not a good look for me.

Picture a wet cat….. (yes, that’s it exactly)

Wet Cat


What’s up with TUESDAY?

It isn’t quite Monday (thank gawd!) but it isn’t close enough to Friday to care or  talk about.

It is just a nugatory day.    (Nugatory, my word of the day: an adjective meaning of no real value; trifling; worthless)


In summary,  I’d like to take that invisibility cloak off my car and put it on my body in order to hide from the grumpy ass people ( Wouldn’t that be fun?   Poke them right in the eye ) and to hide my teenage nose.

I’m not sure doing that would help much with the wet cat look though because it is probably hot as hell under there and I don’t think you can get those magic cloaks wet.

I’d probably end up with a nugatory cloak.   ( No grammar people,  I’m NOT sure that is grammatically correct.   Please have a seat next to the grumpy people in the grandstand.  The parade will start soon)

Ta-da!   Thus ends the mindless ramble through the Tuesday bramble.  Thanks for stumbling along with me.


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