I saw it on Facebook, it MUST be true!

Uh huh.

Almost every day I’m amazed as my Facebook news feed goes whizzing by with some of the strangest posts.




“Like and Share if you want this Ethiopian child to receive a Rolls Royce convertible filled with Campbell’s soup!”

“Like and Share to send this cancer patient to Disney World where a cure can be found buried in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction”

“Like and Share if you want this turnip to run for president!”   (If the turnip gets enough likes it will magically turn into a human being)

“Democrats want to eat your children”

“Republicans will only eat your children if you are white and rich”

“The government is ……..whatever….”

The problem with all of this?    People believe it.  After all it was on Facebook and people on Facebook would never lie , cheat or steal……….right?

A turnip….is …going…. to….be ….president.

( Actually that may have some truth to it because Kanye West announced last night he will run for president in 2020)


Social media has become the back-fence/clothesline/water cooler gossip circle on a gigantic scale with pictures to support whatever is put out there.

Someone once said :

Don’t  believe everything you hear, don’t believe everything you read, and only believe half of what you see.

I think I saw several Facebook posts attributing that quote to any of the following:  Buddha, George Bush, Whil E Coyote, Jesus Christ, Jesus the man who fills your propane tanks and  a turnip running for president.

I think I might believe it was the turnip.

Feel free to like and share this.   If you do, in 24 hours you will receive a load of turnips delivered by  an Ethiopian child driving a  Rolls Royce.





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