The Who.

The band formed a zillion ( or 50) years ago is one of my all time favorites.

Of the original members only Roger Daltrey, age 71 and Pete Townshend , age 70 are still alive. They will be playing a  North American tour between September and December of this year.

So the  “The Who Hits 50” tour  really should be called “Half a Who is Better than None” .

Old Rocker Dave and Rocker Chick Kathy have tickets for the September 19th performance in Las Vegas.

I did a double take when I saw that the concert starts at 10:45 pm  since that is usually past my bedtime (even in Vegas) .

I thought maybe there had been a misprint and it was really 10:45 am which would give us all time for the concert and a nice early bird special lunch /dinner after.

But no, it really is 10:45 pm.

Unless I manage to nap during the day I’ll be the one in the audience snoring away to the beat of the music because in this case “Rocker Chick” means rocking chair.

Born to rock.

Born to rock.

I’m so excited to hear some of my favorite music live but I wonder if after 50 years on stage some of the songs may be altered a little.

“Tommy can you hear me?  ….turn up your hearing aid”

“Love reign o’er me……..like a blankie while I nap”

“Who are you? …… Whooooo am I?   Where am I?”

and the title of the song “The Acid Queen” will be changed to “The Antacid Queen”

and these original words :

My Generation

People try to put us d-down ( Talkin’ ’bout my generation)

Just because we get around ( Talkin’ ’bout my generation)

Things they do look awful c-c-cold (Talkin’  ’bout my generation)

I hope I die before I get old (Talkin’ ’bout my generation)

Might  be changed to:

People help us up and down ( talkin’ ’bout my generation)

Just because we’re older now ( talkin’  ’bout my generation)

Most of the time we’re awful c-c-cold ( talkin’  ’bout my generation)

but we ain’t gonna die cause we’re not that old.

As excited as I am to see the concert,  I’m almost as excited to see the crowd that shows up for the concert.

I hope the arena is filled with “old” people.    Most of us can’t stand on our feet for a whole concert anymore so I should be able to see some of it.

Rock on old people, rock on.

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