“Everything isn’t a joke Kathy”


Technically true.   Everything isn’t a joke but there can be humor in most things.

Are there inappropriate subjects and times to joke?

Yes of course there are.

If you run into my office and tell me your house is on fire I’m not likely to say:

“Holy shit! Grab the marshmallows and weenies and let’s go!”

If you tell me your great-uncle Fredo has died and you need the day off to attend his funeral,  I won’t say  ” Great! Now you can stop bitching about his garlic  breath” ( at least not until you leave my office).

I’m socially appropriate most of the time.    My humor isn’t meant to be hurtful.  The joke is usually on me.

I just find that life is so much better when we can find a little humor in things.

People have said  “But I have bad things happening in my life or I can’t get over the bad things that have happened in my life, those aren’t funny”.

I’ve had the same things happen.   I’ve gone through loss, illness,tragedy, all of it.   I’ve suffered periods of depression (which I call my “on the couch with dirty hair” period of life) and I’ll take medication every day for the rest of my life for it ( because I like clean hair) .

I’m certain that being able to find some humor in every situation has helped me get through many of the terrible times in my  life.

My daily life is the brunt of some of my own best humor.

Owning a business means there are things that happen daily that could easily and sometimes do send me to a dark place.

Hiring, firing,employee issues, personalities and irritations could send me over the edge into Scaryland (The place where a giant black cloud appears over my head with lightning and thunder , anger takes over and my head spins around).

It is vital to my mental health that I find a humor pony to ride out of the dark place.

Sometimes my humor pony looks like this:

stick pony

Sometimes this:


But most often this happens….



So I just get on the tiny dog and ride away.


Life is hard.  Humor makes it just a little easier.   Come on, let’s go.

I’ll share my tiny dog pony.  🙂




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