My life in Acronyms


Today I found out I am an HSP.    I was already an INFJ.


I think I might also be an ABCDEFG   and maybe an HIJKLMNOP.

I probably have BBS and I might be HOH with ADD.

Either way I’m SOL because I don’t know what the hell any of that means.

I am going to make up my own acronyms  for things so that nobody else will know what the hell it means either.

People who are FOS  should probably just stop RTDM.

If you have EDS you should probably just GTFTS.

I hope you UTS and GAG.

If not then TIF .   Maybe I’ll write something readable.

Acronym  Key

HSP- Highly Sensitive Person

INFJ- Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging

OMG- Oh my God

ABCDEFG- abcdefg

HIJKLMNOP- hijklmnop

BBS- Bashful Bladder Syndrome

HOH- Hard of hearing

ADD- Attention Deficit Disorder

SOL- Shit out of Luck

FOS- Full of shit

RTDM- Running their damn mouth

EDS- Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

GTFTS- Go the F*** to Sleep

UTS- Understood this shit

GAG- Got a giggle

TIF- Tomorrow is Friday

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1 Response to My life in Acronyms

  1. Thanks for the key at the end. I wasn’t sure for a minute there if you were cussing at me or not. 😉

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