None of a Who is Not Better than Half


I told you about the trip to Las Vegas we have coming up next week to see The Who concert.  If you missed it you can read that post here.

I joked about their age.    I joked that there are only two surviving original band members ( Half a Who is Better Than None).  I joked about the concert time (10:45 pm)   I changed the lyrics to their songs.

Today I found out that because Roger Daltrey  has a virus the band has cancelled their first four tour dates which includes Las Vegas.

I guess this is what happens when old people plan to see old people.   Someone gets a virus or breaks a hip or loses their teeth and can’t go out in public.     Shit happens when you are old.

shit happens

I think we’ll see Jerry Seinfeld at 7:30 instead.   I know I can stay up for that one.

I’m not sure how the rest of the audience will feel about me holding up my lighter though….


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