Anticipation- Thoughts from BBoW


Hi everyone, it’s me BBoW.   You thought I’d gone away didn’t you?   Nope, still here, sitting in the driveway, just waiting.

I’m so excited!

I heard the The Redhead and OH Alright, I’ll Drive You Dave say that next week they will take a short trip “up the road “.

She said we’re going to something called an open house at someplace called Bedlam Farm and she keeps talking about “Farmies”.

I’m not sure what a “Farmie”  is  and I’m a little worried that “farmies” might be zombies that live on a farm  but The Redhead says they are nice so I hope I’m wrong.  ( But The Redhead is a little strange so I’m not really sure)

I haven’t taken The Redhead  on a trip since we came home from our long journey across the country but she said she is really excited about the weekend.  I hope she remembers to pack the coffee this time.

I can’t wait to tell you all about it ( unless there really are zombies and they eat me).

Stay tuned….

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1 Response to Anticipation- Thoughts from BBoW

  1. BBoW! Can’t wait to meet you!

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