I think that I may never see

a horrifying sight like thee

as you run across the road to meet

the tires coming down the street.

I never again want to smell

the emanation of your farewell

that permeates the air around

and clings to tires, steel and ground.

I’m sorry little skunky friend

for being the means to your smelly end

I never meant to cause you harm

I wish you’d worn a skunk alarm.

Your memory will stay with me

for days on end I’m sure you’ll see

Somewhere above is a stinky new star

who left his last under my car.


About this post:     Last night a little skunk ran right under the car as we were driving down the road.   We tried  not to  hit it and we don’t know for sure if we did ( I wasn’t going to get out and look)  but he hit us for sure. Skunk smell really does stick to everything.

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2 Responses to Skunk!

  1. Tess Wynn says:

    Bwahahahaha!! Awesome Kathy.

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