Ho, Ho, NO.

I got excited when I saw there was a Sams Club Winter catalog in today’s mail.

I love Sams Club.   Where else can you get a jar of pickles that will feed 1000 people?

( No, I’ve never needed to buy one but it is comforting to know I could)

My excitement turned to anxiety when I opened the catalog and saw this:

Sams Club ChristmasSams Club Christmas2


Sam fooled me into opening a catalog with Christmas stuff in it by calling it “winter”.

Christmas makes me nervous.

I can never live up to the expectation of decorating perfection.

I’m not a good gift buyer.

The daily countdown of how many more shopping days feels like I’m watching the clock on a time bomb count down.  Tick.  Tick.  Tick.


According to the catalog page above, if I buy a nutcracker, a snowman, a Charlie Brown tree and a  nice wreath my home will be filled with magic.

MORE magic to be exact.

This means there is already magic somewhere here.   I’m going to find it and use it to skip over the month of December.

Take that Sam.

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