Thank you Mr. Road Kill Picker Upper

The sight of some poor dead animal on the road always brings mixed feelings.

I’m sorry for the animal and say a little word to the universe for them and I’m totally grossed out at the sometimes unrecognizable sight of blood and gore.

Today on the way to work I passed a county road truck and a man with a shovel waiting to head into the center of the two lane road to remove one of those poor dead things.   It might have been a squirrel, I’m not sure.

I guess I never really considered who was removing them.    I never really noticed that something  in the road in the morning was gone in the afternoon.

I know it isn’t a job I’d want.

I’m sure glad there is someone doing it.

So thank you Mr. Shoveler for doing a job that needs to be done.   I’ll say a little word to the universe for you too.

(No pictures to go with this post.    You’re welcome.)

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