What’s Up with That?-Wednesday Edition

Time once again for a ramble in the What’s Up With That bramble.

Electric Toothbrushes.  What’s up with those?


I’ve been brushing my teeth using just arm power for almost 60 years and suddenly the dentist tells me I need electricity to do it?   A stick with a battery and a brush on the end and I’m supposed to pay $180 for it?   It doesn’t  do anything else.    For $180 it should brush your teeth and teach you a foreign language.  Hmm, business idea.   The Rosetta Rocket- Learn Spanish and Whiten your teeth at the same time!   Tiene dientes agradables Kathy!  ( You have nice teeth Kathy)

The media.  What’s up with that?

Severe Weather

Last weekend some areas in upstate New York  got measurable snow.   This became an actual news story.  Nationally.    As if snow in October was a terrorist attack from Zeus, god of weather.   It snowed people, it didn’t rain fire.   Another reason I don’t watch much news.

Air rage.  What’s up with that?

A few days ago I did manage to catch a blurb on the internet regarding a plane forced to return to the originating airport soon after takeoff  because one passenger choked another for reclining their seat.     Huh?   The flight duration would only have been 1 hour 15 minutes.

1. Someone couldn’t have sat upright for an hour and 15 minutes?

2. If a person is so tall that a reclining seat causes them grievous pain and suffering perhaps they should fly first class or sit in the bulkhead seat.   Prior planning people.

Airlines are not going to give us more leg room.   Deal with it.   Choking should be reserved for people who cut in front of you in the donut line.

So, let’s get on with Wednesday.    I’ve got to get that hot business idea on paper but first I’m going to run over to Dunkin and get a donut.    Let’s hope someone doesn’t cut in line.   If they do, I bet it will make the national news.    Be sure to watch and notice how white my teeth are as I mouth ” Por favor me rescatar”   ( Please bail me out).

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1 Response to What’s Up with That?-Wednesday Edition

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    funny! Spanishl too?

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