What’s Up With That?- Wednesday 10/28/15


After a cold medicine induced several day trip to Deliriousville , here is my Wednesday ramble on things I wondered about while I was “gone”.


The string tie on the inside seam of my robe.    What’s up with that?     I know it is supposed to match the  string tie on the outside edge of the robe and be tied inside to keep the robe closed.    But the outside tie is prone to mysterious disappearance  (like one sock) so I’m usually left with one hangy down string thing on the inside seam.    It’s only purpose?

To hang in the toilet.

I can’t seem to bring myself to cut it off though.  What if the other one shows up looking for its mate?


What’s up with people who give their unsolicited opinion on everything?

Someone recently told a friend that the diet coke she was drinking was the worst thing she could put in her body.   The WORST thing.   I can think of several things worse but the important words in that sentence?  Her body.    Her choice what to put in it.

When this happens to me I smile sweetly and say “Thank you for your opinion”,  and  in my mind I add “your organic kale is going to give you E.coli poisoning you twit and when you’re spending quality time in the bathroom because you have E.coli  poisoning that hangy down robe tie is going to dive into the toilet and that is just nasty so there!” (Because I can do a run on sentence in my mind without breathing)


Cereal.  What’s up with the inner bag not being a zip lock type?

Really would that be asking so much?   We all know when we open those Rice Krispies the stupid bag tears right down the center and krispies go everywhere.    You can hear them snap crackle popping under the dishwasher. There is no way to completely close the torn bag and the cereal doesn’t stay fresh.  I’d pay extra for a zip lock bag to keep my krispies krispy.

Someone will now give me their opinion that I could transfer the cereal to a zip lock myself.   Thank you for your opinion.   (and……….insert run on non breathing sentence here……evil laugh )

You can see that I’ve spent a few days contemplating the inside of my robe, reading my friends posts on-line and eating stale krispies from the box while in a Nyqil induced stupor.

That’s all I have to say about that because now I have to go write another letter to the cereal companies to give them my unsolicited opinion on their bags.   I might write one to the cold medicine company too.

Just to thank them for the lovely trip .



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1 Response to What’s Up With That?- Wednesday 10/28/15

  1. susanpecora says:

    So sorry you were sick, but enjoyed your nyquil induced ramble. Thanks

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