Customer Service-Shorefault Disease

At work, on a good day,I hide in my office, swivel in my big chair and sniff the sharpies while doing the accounting, payroll and the business end of running our insurance business.   I don’t need to interact with the customers unless we are short staffed.

This week we were short staffed.

This week I remembered why I’m not fond of customer service.

Some people like to make excuses instead of taking responsibility for things they have control over.   This just happens to be my number one hot button pet peeve.

While 95% of our customers are a joy to deal with, today I dealt with two different people with terminal cases of  “Shorefault” disease.   I figured they must have been saying “It is your fault” but they slurred it together, and it truly sounded like they were saying “Shore Fault” which of course gave me a great idea for a blog.

Shorefault disease causes delusions and memory loss.  People believe bills don’t have to be paid, due dates are only a suggestion and someone else should be responsible when their business is affected by those unpaid bills.    People can’t remember receiving the calls our office makes to remind them their bills are due.

Those with Shorefault Disease believe nothing they do should affect their rates.   Accidents and tickets?   Shorefault.    Excessive claims?    Shorefault.   As if I were the one with the hit and run on my driving record.  ( Though I have to say had I been in my car  with this one standing in front of it at the time I was speaking with her I would have been sorely tempted)

Shorefault disease also causes diarrhea of the mouth and hearing loss.   You’ll know someone with Shorefault because they will yell out a string of words without breathing and not hear a word said in response.





Shorefault is almost always terminal.  While those affected may live a very long time they will almost always die with the last excuse on their lips.  “Shorrrrrrrefaulllllt”

I’ll be glad when this week is over.   There aren’t enough sharpies in my drawer to ease the pain of having to bite my tongue to keep the words “shove it” from coming out of my mouth.

We appreciate your business and have a nice day. *sniff, sniff, sniff*




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