Like Us on Facebook!-A page for everything


This morning as I was wrapping dog medicine in a ball of fake cheese I looked down at the box, and there it was; “Like Us on Facebook!”.

Velveeta cheese has its very own Facebook page.


I glanced around the kitchen to see if anything else was marked for Facebook fame and I found these


More fake cheesy things which some unnamed someone left out last night. ( There seems to be quite a bit of fake cheese in my house).

I started thinking about the free marketing aspect of Facebook.   Anyone or anything can have its own Facebook page.  Print the words “like us on Facebook” on the label, on a sign, have it tattooed on your forehead and you’ve got free marketing.    Someone might share the page, and others might like it.

Then, when my second cup of coffee kicked in,  I started thinking about what the blurb on the products might say


Facebook Wine

Get Shitfaced and Like us on Facebook!  Then tell all your shitfaced friends to like us too!

Toilet Paper?


Toilet Paper Facebook

Give a Shit!  Like us on Facebook! Help us wipe out the competition!


Think of the possibilities!  But then it dawned on me how crowded my newsfeed and my friends would be with all of my “likes”.  “Kathy like wine!”  “Kathy likes toilet paper!”   “Kathy likes Depends Undergarments because she likes wine and ran out of toilet paper!”

Yeah…I’m not sure my entire friends list needs to know that.   I’ll just stick to liking the fake cheese.

Happy Saturday.  Like us on Facebook!   (



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4 Responses to Like Us on Facebook!-A page for everything

  1. Margaret Weinland says:

    you totally crack me up Kathy

  2. You are too funny! Thank you for the laugh.

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