The Slump

“If you don’t sit up straight I’m going to get you a pair of shoulder braces!”   This was the threat my father used to get me to correct my slouchy posture.   I’d sit up straight and then within a few minutes was right back into the slump.

I still have terrible posture.   My father has been dead for 35 years but every time I catch myself slouching I hear his voice.


Today my slouchy posture and I are in another kind of slump. We’re (my posture and me) in a writing slump. The word “slump” in this case means to decrease suddenly and by a large amount.

Empty thought

Both my Facebook writers page and my wordpress account keep sending me reminders that I haven’t written anything in a few days.  It scares me a little bit that these two programs notice these things.   I guess I’ll have to start introducing them as “my friend Facebook” and “my friend WordPress” because friends notice these things. Right?

But they aren’t entirely correct about me not writing anything.  I did sit down one day  and write a 4 letter word on a piece of paper over and over.  Someone gave me the advice to just sit down and free write, to write whatever comes to mind and hope for inspiration.

So, I did that and what came freely was one word, four letters, rhymes with “muck” ( which is what I feel stuck in).   It didn’t do much to inspire me at all.

Today, as I was thinking about being in the writing slump, I think I heard my dads voice say “don’t worry about it, it will come.  Now sit up straight or I’m going to get you a pair of shoulder braces!”

Thanks Daddy, I’m sitting up straight (as straight as 61 year old woman can) and I wrote this down.    Could you send some sunshine and humor my way, please?  I bet that would be a sure cure for all of the slumpies ( much more effective than shoulder braces).






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