Spring may be springing, but really, there are only two seasons a year



I’m not wearing socks today.

It has been *counts on fingers and sockless toes* ..um…oh let’s just say months…since it was warm enough outside to wear regular cute shoes and no socks.

In my world, there are just two seasons.  Socks and Sockless.  Spring and summer are usually Sockless, but sometimes spring can be Socks.  Fall and winter are Socks but sometimes there is a Sockless day in fall.    Very unpredictable.

This morning, the weather app on my phone told me that the temperature would rise to 52 degrees and that the sun would most likely shine for at least part of the day.

“Woooo Hoooo! Sockless has arrived!”  was my first happy thought of the day.    In upstate New York, this feeling is akin to winning the lottery. ( Okay, that may be stretching it a little bit)

Only one problem.  A foot that has been stuffed in a sock for months is ugly.  White and shrivel-ish like an albino prune.  The first pair of cute shoes I put on showed a little too much pruney foot so I found another pair that covered more foot.    I put some lotion on the exposed part of my feet and pulled a mutant hair ( geez, now I have foot hair! I need to remember to add that to my list of things to bitch about)


Tomorrow the temperature is forecast to be 69 degrees.   Could spring be sprung?  Could Sockless be here to stay?   Probably not, but it’s definitely springing ( socklessing?) and that gives me happy feet.

Pruney white happy feet.




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1 Response to Spring may be springing, but really, there are only two seasons a year

  1. HAHaHA!!! I love you, Kathy!
    I have got to get a pedicure!!
    xoxoxo, Syl

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