Everything old is new again


Yesterday, Nordstrom informed me by email that I need to buy this jacket for the men in my life.

Bomber Jacket

Look closely at that jacket.   Does it remind you of a jacket you’ve seen before?  This jacket maybe?



Vintage Members Only

Nordstrom calls it a “vintage look”.  Uh huh, sure is.    Looks just like a Members Only jacket created in 1975 and popular in the 80’s.

This comparison proves a point.   If I hold on to something long enough, I can either wear it again or sell it as vintage and make a crapton* of money.

(* I define crapton as more than $1 and less than $1000000.  Urban dictionary, on the other hand, defines it as “4 shitloads”)

Somewhere in my boxes of pictures, I have photos of my boys and Members Only Dave wearing one of these jackets.  I wish I had those jackets back because I’m sure in one of my many cleaning and purging frenzies I’ve probably given away $10 worth of “vintage” crap.

I have several bags of things ready to donate.   I’m going up right now and try to predict which item in those bags will be the next “vintage” look.  Then I’ll spend the next few hours figuring out how I’ll spend all the money I’ll make from that vintage piece.

Let’s see, give it 20 years, I’ll be 81 and the $10 I’ll make will be worth … um…

Nevermind.   Some old things should never be new again.



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1 Response to Everything old is new again

  1. Man, I bet I could have made a crapton when I cleaned and donated to Goodwill before the move! Oh, well, I was able to claim a shitload on this
    year’s taxes and not pay Uncle Sam
    anything. It’s all good. 😜

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