In the navy,duct tape and a mystery solved- A fashion ramble


I’ve been in a black or gray fashion rut for some time now, but today I’m in the navy. I’m wearing a navy blue sweater set which I must have ordered while in an Ambien haze because I’ve never worn navy blue.  ( I’ll need to add sleep shopping to my list of things I do after I’ve taken an Ambien.)

I like the navy blue.  It’s a cross between black and gray and I can honestly answer “Yes” to the question “Geezus Kathy don’t you ever wear anything other than gray and black?” (which actually may be more of a statement than a question).

Also, I like the style of this particular sweater set because it is long enough to cover the fact that I’m duct taped into my pants today.  Let me say that again…I’m duct taped into my pants today.Duct tape x

I wrote a post several month ago about the mysterious holes that continue to show up in all of my sweaters and tops.  You can read that post here.

Yesterday a brand new t-shirt had holes by the end of the day. Today, just in case the zipper and button on my jeans were the culprits, I covered them with a piece of duct tape.  Just for good measure, I ran the tape the length of the zipper and over the waistband down the inside.

So, I’m duct taped into my pants and wouldn’t you know… duct tape gets stickier and a little bit melty when it’s warm. Getting it unstuck is more difficult and takes more time.    When I need to get unstuck, time is not on my side.   I’m sure others in the ladies room wondered about the swearing and frantic tape ripping sounds coming from my stall.

Now, curious about the uses for duct tape, and also to see if they happened to say anything about how to remove melted duct tape from your clothing and skin, I checked the Duck brand website. As uses for duct tape they list; Craft and Decor, Shelf Liner & Bath, Moving & Storage, Mailing & Shipping, Weatherization, Paint & DIY  and Office & Mounting.  It seems “taping yourself into your pants” is not listed but, hey, it might fit in the DIY category.   There was nothing about removing melted tape residue.

I’m sure it will wear off sooner or later and anyway it’s always a good day when we learn something new.   Today I learned that I like navy blue and that duct tape is probably not the best solution for covering a zipper on pants.

No Duct Tape

Also, I finally know for sure that the zipper and button on these jeans are the hole makers.

Mystery solved, but I have to admit, I will miss that fairy theory a little bit. crazed fairy









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