On being liked and unliked

Likes and Unlikes


In 1985, Sally Field accepted her oscar as best actress for the movie Places in the Heart by exclaiming ” I can’t deny the fact that you like me! Right now you like me!”.


I understand the feeling.  I love being liked.  I have perfected running to the mirror and  repeating her oscar speech every time I get a ” like” on my Ramble in the Bramble Facebook page.

What I haven’t perfected is the concession speech when I get an “unlike”.

Last week I finally hit 100  likes on the page. I celebrated by having my own little party. Much like the Oscar after parties, I dressed in my best sweatpants and diamonds and carried around a small statue of St. Joseph that I dug up from the backyard where he was busy getting ready to sell my house and who didn’t mind being dubbed “oscar baby” for the evening.saintjosephstatue_l

But, dammit, it seems I had a premature celebration because the “likes” are back down to 99 this week.

I might be a little sad. I tell myself that I write just for me and that if even one person likes the writing then I’m happy.  I tell myself that not everyone is going to like something.  These are facts that I know in my 50% logical mind. The other side, the 50% creative and emotional side get a little bit weepy ( or that might be allergies)  when I think someone doesn’t like me.

So now I’m working on my “I can’t deny the fact that right now you DON’T like me” speech.

It might go something like this:

I’d like to thank the 100 people….what…oh my Gawd! what?  99?  NINTY NINE? Did the other person die?  What happened?  Where did he/she/it go?   Did they click “like” by mistake, thinking they were clicking something else?   Did I offend them? Bore them?  *gnashes teeth and puts back of hand to forehead*   Someone doesn’t like me.   Can someone get me a chair, please. I need to sit down.  Wait, where is everyone? *realizes she is alone in the bathroom and sits down on the potty*  

That might need some editing and work…

I do want to thank the 99 of you who have hung in there and let you know that the RV Series-Season 2 will be returning very soon.

Right now though I need to go put temporary oscar baby/ full-time St. Joseph back in the ground.  He said he is done moonlighting and likes his primary gig much better.



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One Response to On being liked and unliked

  1. You make my day. I often save your new post notification and read it in the morning to start my day with a smile. In my mind, you’re still at 100!

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