BBoW Speaks- A visit from the redhead

( A Ramble in the Bramble note:  The Big Box on Wheels has hacked the blog again)




Dear Blog People,

A few days ago my cave door went up and I woke from my long sleep. The sunshine felt so good on my face and I thought that it surely must be Going Home day!

The day got even better when around the corner came my favorite person, the redhead.   I was so happy to see her because even if she is high strung,  I’ve really missed her.

As she came up my steps she told me she’d missed me too.

I started right away when Travel Dave turned my key.    I helped as he drove me out of the bay ( my cave) by being very careful not to hit the sides.   We drove around the parking lot and I assumed he was just letting me warm up and getting reacquainted with my steering.

We stopped and I let him test all my systems.   I wanted to make sure our drive home would be safe.


But then … he put me back into the cave.   It wasn’t my day to go home.  The redhead patted me as she left and told me she would see me soon.   I watched her walk away as the cave door closed.

I didn’t let her see the tear that fell from my headlight.

I want to go home.   I want to be back on the road again and have adventures with Travel Dave and the Redhead.   I want her to write about me again.

I don’t know exactly  when “soon” is but every day  I hope that it will be today.




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2 Responses to BBoW Speaks- A visit from the redhead

  1. Ahhhhh, Redhead, get that BBoW on the road!!!!! 🙂

  2. Joyce Gillette says:

    This made me tear up! (could relate to being left behind) Hang on BBoW, they get you out soon…

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