The non-Easter Easter

No kids, no grands, no ham.

No eggs, no candy, no Easter glam.

For the first time that I can remember we are having a non-Easter Easter.

When the kids were small, Easter revolved around the bunny, church, new outfits, Easter egg hunts and the big family dinner

As they grew and our ideas changed, there was still the family dinner and the baskets full of goodies.

The past few years there have been grand-kid baskets and a dinner here or there.

This year there are no kids or grandkids around.  Not one egg was dyed, and there is no dinner planned.

I could say Easter snuck up on me, but that wouldn’t be true.   Somewhere in my brain, I made a conscious decision to non-Easter it this year just to test how it would feel.

The decision was a great big fat fail.

I miss making the baskets.   I miss dying the eggs ( even if there is no one to see them), and I miss cooking the dinner ( even if there is no one to eat it).

So we’ll chalk this year up to a learning experience and say we won’t be repeating this lesson.

I’ll be dragging Easter Dave to Cracker Barrel for dinner.   Maybe we’ll salvage a little of the day ( and they have candy by the cash registers…).



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