Jimi Tiger- Serial Killer Comet

Jimi Tiger is the sole survivor of the hundreds of fish that lived in our pond.  He was named Jimi Tiger after the song Eye of the Tiger and the artist who sang it.

Today, after a few days in isolation, he joined the Elite Eleven in the aquarium.


He immediately began to bully the other fish, some two to three times his size.

As I watched him, a horrible thought began to form in my mind.   I think Jimi Tiger might be responsible for the disappearance of his classmates in the pond.

Jimi Tiger could be…….*gasp*……..a serial killer.

Last fall, we had floater after floater, and we could find no reason for their deaths.

Now, I believe  I know what happened.  They were being murdered during the night by this nut ball fish.

The name Jimi Tiger just isn’t going to fit.  We are going to have to change his name.

Dexter?  Hannibal Lecter?

That’s it; we’ll call him Dexter Lecter, the serial killer cannibal Comet.

I hope the Elite Eleven can come up with a plan to protect themselves, but I think Dexter Lecter might end up arrested and on trial in Pondville court.

Judge Harriet Heron presiding.

Herriot Heron





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