Eeeek! It’s a mouse? Nope…it’s a microfiber cloth

I once had a friend who was afraid of cotton balls.

She said it freaked her out to touch them.  She didn’t even like to look at them.

I remember laughing and asking who in the hell is afraid of a cotton ball?

( In hindsight, this may be one of the reasons we aren’t friends now. )

What’s that old saying?

He who laughs last laughs best

Yes, that one.

On the off chance that she reads this blog, she will be laughing best because now it seems that I am completely freaked out by anything made from microfiber. These days everything seems to be made from these synthetic fibers; sheets, towels, eyeglass cleaning cloths, nap blankets, the list goes on and on, and this means I’m in a state of perpetual freaked-out-edness.

I recently had to replace a hair towel.  One of my favorite things, the towel was turban style and made from a waffle weave absorbent cotton.   I looked up the brand, found the turban and clicked “order” thinking I was getting the same wonderful white waffle weave towel I’d had for years.

UPS ( Year round Santa!) delivered the package two days later.  I opened the package, pulled out the new turban, my fingers freaked out, the turban flew across the room, and I yelled “EEEEEK!  IT’S MICROFIBER!”. ( Note that I did not jump up on a chair to get away from it, or believe it could get me from across the room, so cotton ball friend still holds the freaky cup there)

I just can’t stand to touch anything made from microfiber. It is hard to describe, but it feels dry and maybe too soft;  My fingers do that little recoil, and my whole body tenses up like I’ve just sucked a lemon.


So go ahead and laugh freaky former friend.  You win ( well maybe not, there is that chair thing).

Now excuse me while I put on some gloves so I can hold the cloth that cleans my glasses.


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