What’s up with that? A shoe from heaven?

Periodically I wonder about things I observe.

This morning, on the way to work, there was a tennis shoe…does anyone still call them tennis shoes? Running, walking, cross training….ugh…too much to remember…anyway, there was a shoe in the middle of the road.   Just one shoe, smack dab in the middle of the road.

The Red and The Gray

Internet representation only, not the actual shoe I observed…you can tell because the grass is green and the sun is shining in this picture and that isn’t the case here.


What’s up with that shoe on the road thing?

Is this shoe a sign from beyond?  Is it a little like lucky pennies from heaven?   Is there someone up there telling me I need new shoes?

“Kathy! Buy new shoes but buy them one at a time”.

More likely than that it is a sign telling me “Don’t buy any more damn shoes, you only have two feet and there is someone out there with only ONE shoe.  Don’t be a shoe hog, leave some shoes for others!”

If it is a sign like pennies from heaven, I wonder if it is lucky to pick up the shoe if it is laying in the road laces up ( like pennies, face up only) but is unlucky if it is sole up.  I wonder, like pennies from heaven, if you kick the shoe and it flips laces up if you can still say “I found a lucky shoe!”.

When I find a lucky penny, I keep it in my wallet.    I wonder if I should go back for that shoe, check to make sure it is laces up ( or kick it) and carry it with me?    It won’t fit in my wallet of course but maybe I could just tie it to my purse.   People would say “hey, nice lucky shoe!” or “look at her, she has a lucky shoe!”.

But, what if people want to get close enough to touch my lucky shoe?   This would violate my personal space rule which is most definitely NOT lucky .

I think I’ll just leave the shoe where it is.   It’s probably sole up anyway and anyone trying to retrieve it might be hit by a car and that would not be lucky. It certainly wasn’t lucky for the poor person who lost the shoe.  He or she is now hobbling around wearing one shoe and a dirty sock.

As my wondering about the road shoe comes full circle,I’m coming to the conclusion that there is probably no such thing as a lucky shoe sign from heaven ( though I can’t be certain and will wait for a sign).

Oh look, a penny…I wonder …..


Face up Penny

Here’s your sign.  There is no such thing as a lucky shoe.  Love, Daddy











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1 Response to What’s up with that? A shoe from heaven?

  1. Hmmm, I wonder these things too. I occasionally also see a sock, or a pair of underwear along the roadside. Does this mean the person was getting lucky?

    I did not know the “head up” part of the saying about the penny. This may explain a few things!

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