The old dogs perspective- Loving an old human

Hi again, it’s me,  Jock the dog.

There are two sides to every story, and since my person told you about loving an old dog, I’m going to tell you about loving a human as they age.  If you’re a person reading this, please move over so your dog can read it too.

When you love an old human you have to give them a little slack.

Sometimes when you need to go outside, they can’t get up fast enough because they move a little slower than they did before.

Sometimes they can’t lift you because they are not as strong as they were.

They forget how to tell time  (5 pm is dinner time, not 5:15).

Sometimes they don’t come back in the door when you think they should, and you worry that something has happened to them (  maybe they forgot how to get home).

Sometimes they throw your ball, and if you don’t feel like going to get it, they can’t find it because their eyes aren’t as sharp as they once were.

Sometimes they get sad when they are petting us, and those eyes leak ( and then their nose leaks too). A design flaw in humans,  their tongues aren’t long enough, so they have to get a tissue, and that means they stop petting.

But, in spite of all these things, you love them because you know they love you.

They always keep a supply of new balls.   If they are late giving you dinner, they give you extra cookies.   If they can’t lift you, they try to sit with you on the floor  ( even if sometimes they can’t get up).  If you have an accident in the house, they don’t yell at you.

They don’t mind when you can’t move as fast, or you don’t smell as good as you once did (maybe because they don’t either but we pretend we don’t notice).

We try to stick around for them, but we can’t always do that. Dogs just learn life faster than humans, so we don’t need to be here as long.  That sometimes means our human ends up missing us.

Here’s the thing, though; we always send them another dog to love. Another dog to fill up that hole in their hearts shaped like us. Sometimes it takes them a little bit of time to understand we’re doing that.

Humans are not always as smart as we are.

We love them anyway.


Jock dog paw print




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5 Responses to The old dogs perspective- Loving an old human

  1. Vickie Grooms says:

    Love it!!!!

  2. Vickie Grooms says:

    Love it!

  3. Kathy, this is perfect, but my eyes are leaking a little. Love you❣

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