Retirement Journal -Adventure Time, My Asphalty Backyard

Recently I remarked to a friend how much I will miss my backyard when our house sells, and we move into the RV for some full-time road adventures.    She said “yes, but your new backyard will be so big!”.   I agreed that it would be big and “asphalty.”

I said “asphalty”in a negative way, but as I thought about it, I decided that while it is true there will be a lot of asphalt as we travel across the country and I will miss the quiet serenity of my backyard, I’m really just trading one type of beauty for another.

There is so much to see!   I’ve traveled quite a bit in my life but there are places in the United States I haven’t seen, and those can usually be seen only by traveling the highways and byways.

I can’t wait to see The Thing in Arizona, the Worlds Biggest Beagle in Idaho, the Garden of One Thousand Buddas in Montana, Lucy the Elephant in New Jersey, the Octopus Tree of Oregon and I want to go back to South of the Border in South Carolina ( a little nostalgia there).

I’m looking forward to The Hole in the Rock in Utah, Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard in Vermont, the Mothman statue in West Virginia, and I want to visit the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine once they decide which one of the four contenders is actually the winner. I’m not going to waste my valuable retirement travel time on the losers of the big twine ball contest.

Oh sure, I have a list of popular places I want to see.  I haven’t seen Mount Rushmore, but while I’m in South Dakota, I won’t miss the Six Ton Prairie Dog, Wall Drug, Dinosaur Park and The Corn Palace.   I mean, come on…who would miss The Corn Palace?  Think of the blog possibilities!

My friend is right.   My new backyard is going to be so big!

And so weird.

I’m going to love it.

corn palace




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