The RV Series-Countdown to Bella; the return of Driving Dave and the Highstrung Redhead

We’re making a list, checking it twice…..kinda like Santa but not as nice.

A few days from now “It takes 10 hours if you don’t stop to pee” Driving Dave, and the Highstrung Redhead will load themselves into the Cherokee and make the 10, 11, or 12-hour ( because I need to stop ) drive to Nappanee Indiana to pick up Bella-BoxOnWheels


We’ll spend most of the week at the factory going through the delivery process, learning all the in’s and out’s of Bella’s complicated systems and then drive her home.

We’ll test every system and appliance by living in and driving her during the week, so we have made a list of the things we’ll need to take with us. We’re only taking the essentials, the things we’ll need to get through the week.

But here’s the thing…my definition of essential differs from Camping Daves. I just need more stuff than he does.  He believes he is more resourceful than I am and he is right.

I don’t care, I like my stuff.

Coffee pot?  Essential to me, not essential to Dr. Pepper Dave.  Toaster oven? Essential to me, not so essential to There’s a Donut Shop Down the Street Dave ( Okay, he might be right on that one).   Good sheets, comfy pillows, a down comforter, all essential to me.   I think Dave could sleep standing up wearing a coat.  Plates, glassware, silverware….I’d like them to be real.  Plastic and paper are fine with him.  Testing the dishwasher with plastic and paper might be a bit….uh….melty.

So in compromise, because the jeep does have limited space, we’ll pack one real plate and one paper, one set of silverware and some plastic sporks, one real glass, and a dixie cup.   I’ll share my good sheets and down comforter, but if he doesn’t bring his own pillow, he is SOL.     I’m packing my favorite bath towel, and I’ll have a roll of paper towels for him just in case.

Thank goodness 2 ply toilet paper was on both of our lists.

I’m looking forward to blogging next week, and I’ll make sure to include some photos.  I’m certain one of them will be of Dave looking longingly at my knife and fork while he tries to cut his dinner with a spork.

I guess, to be fair, one of them could be of me marveling at the things MacGuyver Dave can do with a roll of paper towels and a paper plate.  I say “marveling” but you’ll know this photo by the thought bubble over my head that reads “WTF???”.

Stay tuned…










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1 Response to The RV Series-Countdown to Bella; the return of Driving Dave and the Highstrung Redhead

  1. The spork is very overrated, unless you’re at Taco Bell. Happy traveling, can’t wait to see the inside!

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