The RV Series- Wednesday-Delivery Day Three-The Hotel Hop

Bella Box on Wheels went in for touch up painting this morning at 6 am.  We knew there was a possibility we wouldn’t be able to stay in her tonight, so we packed enough for an overnight and put it in the car.   At 11 am we got confirmation that Bella would spend the night in the warm paint shop.   I was disappointed but determined to go with the flow.

The delivery team made a reservation at a Choice Inn and Suites where the company has an account and would pay for our night.

We checked in at 12:30 pm

The bed was clean, but the carpets and furniture were not up to my cleanliness standards. I really wanted to go with the flow but Kooky Klean Kathys Kleanliness Kompulsion kicked into overdrive.  I was tolerant until my sock stuck to the coffee table.

We checked out at 3:15 pm

We moved to the same Holiday Inn we stayed in on Sunday.    It’s our dime ( a dime, two quarters and a penny) but this place is spotless.   I’m not sticking to anything and my skin isn’t crawling.

Totally worth it.

After all these years Dave just shakes his head, rolls his eyes and goes with the flow.   The man is a saint…..Saint Dave of For Better or Worse.

So, nothing much happened on delivery day three.   Except this…..

Free Donut!

I won a free donut!   Those who know me will understand how this little game piece saved my whole day.

Bella is supposed to be done by noon tomorrow and then we’d like to leave for home as soon as we can.

That’s the plan. Stayed tuned…..

Meanwhile,  here’s a little peek.


Bella First look

Our first look yesterday.  The recliners on the right hadn’t been turned around yet. This view is taken standing by the drivers and passenger seats.



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