The RV Series-A Konfession, Kooky Klean Kathy Kould be a Klepto.

If you read the RV Series Hotel Hop post, then you’ve seen me mention my alter ego, Kooky Klean Kathy.

I can’t say exactly when Kooky Klean Kathy reached Kritical Kleanliness Kombustion, but she was in flames on the drive to and from Indiana.

On the first part of the trip,  Kooky Klean Kathy …-holy hell! I just realized that I will never be able to use the initials for her unless I start spelling my name with a “C”….dammit!

Anyway, Kooky noticed that the ladies rooms in the New York I-90 rest areas do not provide those paper seat covers for their toilets.  They are the ‘use strips of toilet paper or hover’ kind, with the diabolical auto flush.  Ridiculous considering the taxes we pay, but that’s another post.

I-90 through Ohio has the best rest areas.   The restrooms are spotless, they provide those paper seat covers and the auto flush waits until you’ve left the room.

My issue involves those paper seat covers.

Could I help it if a whole stack of those covers happened to jump into my hand as I grabbed one?   I didn’t want the one I was taking to tear so I had to get a good grip on it. I couldn’t waste the stack of 20 that followed their friend, and I couldn’t take the time to put them back in the holder.


So I stealthily stuffed them in my purse.

I just found them as I was kleaning it out. Now the guilt is konsuming me so I’m komposing a letter:



The State of Ohio

Ohio, USA

Dear Ohio,

Thank you for the lovely rest areas along I-80/90. Somehow I  ended up with some extra toilet seat covers ( not a whole box but mostly because the holder was locked) when we stopped on our way through your state.

I’d like to think some of my tax dollars from the two times we’ve lived there paid for the 20 tissue seat covers I stole accidentally put in my purse, but I could mail them back if possessing them is a krime.

What is the governor’s address?



On second thought, I might carry those covers around in my purse and return them on my next trip through the state.  It’s the right thing to do.

I’m sure they won’t mind the sticky Lifesavers, spare change and tobacco bits stuck to them.  ( Kooky’s not Krazy when it’s her own Kind of Krap.)

Stay tuned….

Welcome to Ohio sign 3








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