The Love Starter, Leaving a Spark

A friend recently commented that when we move from a well-loved home, we leave a little bit of ourselves behind as a starter for the love the new owners will have for their home.

The thought that the love I’ve had for my home will be a little spark to ignite the incoming love made me happy.

Today, the young couple who are buying the house stopped by to look at a few things.  I was so nervous to meet them!  What if I didn’t feel they were a fit for the house?  What if they don’t love the pond as much as I do?  What if they don’t like birds?  What if…

I needn’t have worried. The buyers are lovely people, and they love all the things about the house that I have loved.  They will raise their family here and fill the house with love and laughter.   The house will be their home just as it’s been mine.

I’m leaving her in good hands.

Downsizing Dave was very relieved when I said it would be a little easier to let go now. I’m pretty sure he was worried he’d have to call wildlife management and ask them to remove an angry red-headed bear from his house.

But due to the unpredictability of red-headed bears,  it would be wise for him to keep that number on speed dial.

Stay tuned….









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