Boxing up the Hallmark Moments

Today, still packing for the move,  I started sorting through the 11 filing drawers in my home office.

I’m not sure why I’m calling them all filing drawers as only three of them were neatly stuffed with hanging files.    The others were “quick, shove it in here!” drawers.   I’ve been “quick shove it in here-ing” for years.

One drawer held every single greeting card I have received and most that I gave Dave over those years.    I read each one and then had to decide if it was a keeper.   I did manage to pare down the pile but not without a few tears.    Cards from my kids, grandkids, cards from my mother who can no longer remember my birthday, let alone write her name.    I saved all of those.

It was a little easier with the cards between Dave and me because there were so many of them.   For years we’ve been signing our cards with symbols; an eye, a heart and a sheep.  Eye Heart Ewe.  I have to say, my sheep are better than his.   His cards are always signed “Eye Heart Some Stick Figure That Might Be a Dog or a Cow.”  I wouldn’t have it any other way,  I laughed and cried reading those. I saved the ones with something special written inside or that had a particularly funny stick figure.

I ended up with two overstuffed hanging file folders of cards that will go in storage.  I’ve just spent weeks going through old cards and pictures of my parents and grandparents.   I’d like to think that someday our kids and grandkids will look at these cards and see the love we had for each other.

I’m pretty sure the question of why Dad/Grandad loved stick figure dogs ( or cows, camels or the AT-AT from STAR WARS) will come up.

Everyone loves a family mystery.


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