Shrimpy’s Big Move

Many years ago my soon to be daughter-in-law Jenn gave me a little EcoSphere containing three tiny brine shrimp.

Two died right away, but one little shrimp survived so we named him Shrimpy.   He moved with us to this house in March of 2000.

In fact, Shrimpy is still alive and appears to be immortal.

Today-because immortal or not, sloshing around in his little sphere while Bella-BOW travels down the road wouldn’t be healthy- Shrimpy went to live with my grandson Jack.

I packed him up in a little box surrounded by bubble wrap ( which Jack immediately began to pop, obviously inherited my bubble wrap gene) and carried him out to the car.

I cautioned them to drive as if they were carrying nitroglycerin.



Do you think it’s too soon to call and check on him?   What is the proper etiquette when you give someone a shrimp and want to make sure they didn’t kill it?

Just kidding.   Jack has loved Shrimpy since he was a toddler ( Jack, not shrimpy)  and at almost thirteen is ready to take care of a pet. Shrimpy is sealed in a glass bubble so there really isn’t much to do except dust his sphere and make sure the light and temperature are right.

But, I will miss our daily conversations:

Me: ” Hi Shrimpy, how’s it going?”

Shrimpy:  ”            ”     ( He is a shrimp of very few words)

As their car left the driveway, a tear slipped down my cheek, and I thought I saw one of Shrimpy’s tiny red legs waving.

Happy new life Shrimpy.

I hope you’re around for the next generation and if not I’ll see you in the great EcoSphere beyond.



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