On feelings of loss and what really matters…

From a respectable distance down the street, I peer out the rain-soaked windshield of Bella-BOW ( Bella Box On Wheels, our RV)  watching pieces of my material life being loaded into cars, trucks, and U-Hauls.


Yesterday, the first day of our estate sale, watching made me sad.

Today, my feelings are that I’m one step and .30 cents closer to an empty house and our next adventure.  While I’m sure I’ll still have some emotional ups and downs about the whole process, I woke up this morning with a little more clarity and perspective.

These are things.

Some are things I have loved and lived with for a long time, but they are just things.

I have what is truly important.    I have Dave, the kids, grandkids, and the dogs.  I have choice and opportunity.

I am blessed.

Right now a person I love very much is fighting for her life.  A rare cancer is her enemy.   Uncertainty and unpredictability are her daily companions.

She is what is important.

Yesterday, another friend spent the day consoling someone she loves who had just lost his partner of many years.

He is what is important.

Soon, our sixth grandchild will enter the world.

This is what is important.






These are the important things, the real things, the things that bring true happiness.

These I can hold in my heart and take with me no matter where I go.

I am grateful beyond measure for the clarity.

The next chapter begins in just a few days and The RV Series returns.

Stay tuned….











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