The RV Series-Todays forecast-Sunny and People-ish


We made it to our destination in Ohio around 2:30 pm yesterday.

The campground where we’re staying is very nice.  It’s wooded, green and well kept.  The sites are fairly close together, and many of them are for seasonal or permanent residents.

The pull-through site we are on is a corner lot very close to the office, store, and parking lots which all mean a constant parade of the one thing that will make this new life difficult for me.


Right outside our door is a picnic table sitting on a patio shaded by a large tree. There is a patch of grass and some landscaping.   It would be a lovely place to sit and relax if it had a 6 ft fence around it.

As an introvert, I need some unstimulated alone time.   Time to sit in the green and just blend in, completely alone.  It’s how I recharge my battery.  If I go too long without it, I get irritable and moody.   ( Social Dave is now thinking my battery must be dead all the time)

I’m friendly, I smile, I speak, I’m not anti-social. I just need my alone time to recharge enough to be able to do those things.

I wasn’t naive, I knew when we talked about doing this full-time travel that this aspect would be the most difficult part for me.

I know too that just as I’ve figured out how to pack the important things into this Box On Wheels I’ll also figure out the too people-ish issue.

Big cardboard box? Tiny tent?  Giant hat and sunglasses?   We’ll see.

Stay tuned….


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