The RV Series- Don’t Quit Your Daydream

After a very restful night, we slept late this morning.   I guess I should clarify that a little bit, I slept late. Travel Dave was up early with the dogs.

To his credit, he didn’t turn into Dervish Dave until I had my coffee.  I walked out of the back bathroom after getting dressed, and there he was.


We got things tucked away, unhooked and headed down the highway about 9 am.

Yesterday’s decision to pick a park where we could plug in, hook up and put both slides out was a good one.  It confirmed again that we have enough room and enough of the things that are important to me to be comfortable.    I even did a little bit of laundry last night.

After years of dressing for work, I’ve lived in yoga pants and t-shirts since we retired. This morning my chosen t-shirt perfectly expresses how I feel about our new life.



As I type this, we’re on our way to visit our Ohio kids and stuck in a bumper to bumper traffic jam due to road construction.     It’s not bothering me too much, I’m sitting at the dinette writing.   I do think that squeaking noise might be Driving Daves frustration wheels turning though.   I just heard him mutter something about “early, told ya, gripe gripe.”

It’s going to be a daydream type day.

Stay tuned….



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