The RV Series- The First Day of the Rest of our Lives

Today was a day of endings and a day of beginnings.

This morning we had planned to leave very early, but there was an errand I had forgotten that meant we couldn’t leave until around 10 am.   Emotionally,  that worked out quite well for me because I was able to take a little time to say a private goodbye to my home.

I spent some quiet time sitting on my patio steps, listening to the waterfall and the birds while the dogs enjoyed their yard one last time.

Then I walked through my empty house and thanked it for all the years.

As I walked through my kitchen, I noticed something on the counter.   I had cleaned the kitchen last night, and there shouldn’t have been anything left, but there it was.

FullSizeRender (7)

Yesterday I had found two face-up pennies in the family room perfectly aligned and just assumed Dave had put them there.    When I found the one in the kitchen this morning, I asked him, and he said he didn’t know anything about them.

I shut the door one last time with a grateful heart.

Then walked down the front walk for one last look.  I was disappointed a few days ago that I wouldn’t see my peony bush bloom this year.   But this morning?

Beautiful fragrant blooms to send me on my way.

Then it was time to go, and I took one last look out the window of my new home at my old.


I can’t say there haven’t been tears.   Last night saying goodbye to my family was hard and I cried more than a few tears.   There were a few this morning too.   I waved goodbye to everything we drove past and cried again when we passed the Albany airport because I will miss doing battle with that auto-flush toilet.   Now I’ll never win.

But then we were on the road, and it started to sink in how exciting this will be.

We drove to Erie PA today, but instead of staying at the Presque Isle Casino parking lot like we had planned, we reserved a spot in a campground where we could plug in, put the slides out and relax.  I’m trying to convince myself a hot shower is just as good as a slot machine.

The sun was beginning to set just as we finished setting up.  It looks a little like a heart to me.



Tomorrow is the second day of the rest of our lives.   I can’t wait to see what it brings.

Stay tuned…..



Dog is our Co-pilot


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