The Adventures of Coney Lawson-The Stowaway

A little background on this new blog category, The Adventures of Coney Lawson.  After our neighbor put this tiny cone in front of his house to mark our parking space during the estate sale we did the only thing we could do to repay his kindness.  We stole it.

My name is Coney Lawson.    I left my home in the middle of the night, hopped and rolled my way across the street and stowed away in this Big Box On Wheels.

I heard my owner say this box was going on a big adventure.   My Grandfather Cone would tell me all about his adventures when he worked the state road, and I’ve wanted an adventure of my own since I was a tiny cone.    I knew I couldn’t work the state road like grampa because since I’ve lived here, my growth has been stunted by poor nutrition and being kept in the closet.

I saw my chance, and I took it!

The man driving the box found me in my hiding place and brought me inside.  The nice red headed lady ( our hair is almost the same color!) gave me a chair and an iPad so I could begin to write my story.


This is going to be the life!

I’m just a little worried about the way the big dog is looking at me.  I don’t look anything like a fire hydrant, but I do wish I’d brought my raincoat.


I took this selfie with my new iPad.   I bet these people don’t keep me in the closet.

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