The RV Series-Westward Ho!

No home for these!–too well they knew
The mitred king behind the throne;–
The sails were set, the pennons flew,
And westward ho! for worlds unknown.

“Robinson Of Leyden” by Oliver Wendell Holmes


My first waking thought was “Westward Ho!”.   My literary mind said “okay! Great title!”

My comedic mind said, “don’t call me a ho!”.

I went with the literary.

It’s been great spending time with the Ohio family, and we’ll stay through Wednesday so we can see both a 5th and an 8th-grade graduation.

Thursday morning Captain Dave will yell “Westward Ho!” from his driver’s seat, I’ll yell back “don’t call me a ho!” and we’ll head west, then northwest, then west, then south-ish and then southwest.

We’ve mapped the route and booked a stop each night at an RV park with full hookups, so as long as each day goes as planned, we won’t have any WalMart parking lot boondock experiences.

On this trip, we’ll see Badlands National Park, Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower and all interesting points in between (my fingers are crossed for the giant ball of twine) before we spend 5 days in West Yellowstone so Fly Fishing Dave can feed his habit.

Then we’ll stop in Las Vegas for a few nights so I can feed mine. Sometime around June 9th, we’ll arrive in California.

The real adventures of Driving Dervish Dave and the Highstrung Redhead begin on Thursday.

Westward ho!

Stay tuned…..     ( and don’t call me a ho!”  )





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