Adventuring with Coney

A photo blog of my adventures so far:

I was excited to meet one of my relatives on the drive from New York to Ohio.


My great great grandpa Cone Kong


We stopped at a truck stop to fill up with fuel.  I was hungry so they got me a cup of clam chowder.    Never again.


I felt much better the next day ,  they let me sleep in, I had breakfast and I brushed where my teeth would be.


Then I was ready for a hike!   I’ve ordered a nose from Amazon Prime so I can wear my sunglasses too!

FullSizeRender (13)

It rained hard during the night and gave me some lake front property for fishing and swimming.


We made s’mores!   I didn’t get to eat any because some crazy redhead kept stealing them.


Yesterday was bath day.    I’m going to have to talk to them about a more private bathing area.   The cup and the bowl kept looking at me funny.


Today, I’m taking the dog for a walk.   Or vice versa.


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