The RV Series-You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

This morning we left Cross Creek Campground at 6:30 am headed toward Indiana or Illinois or one of those “I” states.  Of course, 6:30 am happened to be the start of peak traffic time in Columbus.

Travel Dave was sure if we had started out at 4 am it would have been better.

As we crossed the Ohio/Indiana line, Facebook showed me a memory from two years ago. On May 25, 2015,  I wrote the following post:  The RV Series: Day Two and Three on the Road. Walmart and Nuclear Fusion.    It was our first trip out in little BBOW,  and little did we know at the time that just 24 months later our whole lives would be different.

That first long trip planted a seed for us.  We met people who lived and traveled, even worked, full time in their RV.   We saw some beautiful country and enjoyed the experience.

Over the next year that seed sprouted into a plan.   When the opportunity came to sell our business that plan solidified.  We bought Bella-BOW, retired and sold the business, sold the house along with almost everything in it, and we became full-time travelers.

This is day nine of our new life.   We haven’t killed each other yet, and the dogs are adjusting.

After 380 miles and 8 hours of driving we arrived at our first stop in- *checks to see where the hell she is*- Goodfield Illinois around 1:30 pm Central time.


Timberline Campground.   A little more rustic than Cross Creek was, but it meets the level and full hookup criteria.

Tomorrow we have 460 miles planned which will make it a longer travel day.

You know what that means…..

Travel Dave will become Dervish Dave at 3 am, and the Highstrung Redhead will not get her coffee quota.

Stay tuned…

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2 Responses to The RV Series-You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

  1. Greg Brown says:

    Hey, when Detvish Dave and High Strung Redhead head through the South please stop in Greensboro for a dose of caffeine!
    Greg & Peggy Brown will let you park in the driveway:)

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