The RV Series- Presidents, Crazy Horses , Sally and the Devil.


The dogs have not yet adjusted to their new home.   Dallas barks at everything and Tara shakes, whines and drools when we are moving.

They don’t like being left alone, and because we can’t leave barking dogs in the RV, we are taking them along when we go out to see something.  Sightseeing Dave and I tag team, one of us sit in the car with them and one goes to see whatever it is we’re seeing.

Monday that was Mt. Rushmore and The Crazy Horse Memorial

I don’t have many things on my list of “see before you drop dead” list but Mt. Rushmore was near the top.

It is impressive.

People had warned me that I might be disappointed in the size.

I wasn’t.

I was awed by the sight, by the process of the carving and by the preservation process.   We each spent some time going through the museum, looking at the monument before heading for the Crazy Horse Memorial.


Crazy Horse is a work in progress.   The face measures 87 feet and was finished in 1998 and the current work is concentrated on the hand and the horse’s mane. The completed project is planned to be 563 ft high and 641 ft long.   It is labor intensive work and the project will take a very long time to finish.    Funding comes exclusively from visitor admissions.

I hope to be able to visit again to see the progress.

We had planned to drive to Deadwood and Sturgis after Crazy Horse, but the dogs ruled the day.   They hit their car time quota so we headed back to the RV park.

We did make a stop at a Sally Beauty Supply.   Being away from my regular hair dresser and her wonderful red coloring skills is not going to be easy.   She told me what I needed to buy, and the nice young lady at the store helped, but it won’t be the same.    Hairdresser Dave is not as skilled as Hairdresser Jenn was.

I have no idea what color I’ll end up with, but Crazy Grayroothead isn’t quite as fun as the Crazy Redhead so we’ll give it a shot.

This morning we left the cell service free zone of Mt Rushmore KOA with Devils Tower National Monument as our first stop.  President Theodore Roosevelt ( remember him from Mt. Rushmore?) proclaimed this site as our first national monument in 1906.  I loved seeing it.

We weren’t able to drive around because of Bella-BOWs size, and we didn’t want to take the time to unhook the Jeep, but I did get some pictures from the RV lot.   There was also a prairie dog town, those little doggies weren’t a bit afraid when I snapped their picture.

Tonight we are at 7th Ranch RV Park in Garryowen MT.    Just 5 miles to Little Big Horn which we’ll do in the morning on our way to West Yellowstone MT.

West Yellowstone is a five night stop.   I’m crossing my fingers ( legs, eyes and anything else I can cross) for good cell service.

Stay tuned…..

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