The RV Series- Hearing the Voice that Speaks to my Soul

Yellowstone National Park.

Driving through those gates early in the morning is the best anti-anxiety medicine in the world.  Later in the day, when the crowds come, and it gets people-ish, a little valium might be in order.

It settled on me today that the piney woods, flowing water and the granite mountains are what speak to my soul. The feeling covers me like a blanket, and I feel a deep sense of home.


All natural beauty speaks.   The desert has its own voice as does the ocean, but this beauty and I speak the same language.   It is a bird song, an elk call, the snort of a bison. It is the soft crunch of pine needles, the wind as it whistles through the trees and the rush of water over the rocks.


Today, I saw both Old Faithful and Young Hopeful.   I laughed a little when I saw young hopeful.   It wants to be a big geyser when it grows up.   I told it to hang in there and keep practicing.



I also discovered where Santa goes in the offseason….


We were a little late going in this morning, but tomorrow morning, Yellowstone Dave, I and the dogs will be through those gates before the sun rises so I can have my pre-people soul soothing time.

More tomorrow.  Stay tuned…..

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