The RV Series- Either/Or but Not Both

We spent the last few days on a lovely lot in a motorcoach resort in Las Vegas.   I should clarify that I was there only one day and Dave spent the other two alone with the dogs. I spent those two days at The Flamingo, gambling and seeing friends.

The high strung redhead needed a couple of days alone and Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Dave was glad to oblige.

The Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort is very nice.   The lots are generously spaced and beautifully landscaped.   The one we rented was huge with a lovely build out that gave us a seating area with privacy.



I could live there.

Except you know for that whole hotter than hell part and the fact that it’s a little too close to gambling for me to be there more than a few days.

We left Las Vegas this morning at 7:30 and white-knuckled our way through LA bound traffic on our way to Orange California and Orangeland RV Park where we’ll make our home for the next month.   We’re here to visit the kids and granddaughter Sunny and to welcome our 6th grandchild ( 5th grandson) on June 20th.

So, we went from a resort on the surface of the sun to not a resort only half way to the sun.  In Las Vegas, we had space and privacy but couldn’t touch the door handle of the coach or the car without using an Ov-Glove or risking third-degree burns.

Here, we are packed in like sardines.  I can reach out and touch my neighbor even with my freakishly short arms.

Though there are orange trees, full of ripe oranges, free for the picking.

Assuming you are a giant or have a tall ladder.



Taken from behind my screen because it’s people-y out there.


If you’ve read my blog, you know which choice I prefer.   I’d rather fry my eyeballs in private than pick oranges with people.

But I’ll adapt.

I might bitch about it for 30 days, but I’ll adapt.

Being able to spend time with the family will make it all worthwhile.

Unless it gets really hot.

Because, you know, I can do hot, OR I can do people-y but both?

I don’t think so.

Stay tuned……




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