The RV Series- Tacos, Plans and a New Reality

On the one hand, it feels great to be parked in one place for a length of time.

I can settle in, put out a few of the decorations and make this BBOW feel a little like home.

On the other hand ( because there are two hands to every story) being stationary gives me time to think about things.

Things like the fact that I don’t have a permanent address.

What do I fill in when a form asks for my address?   Should I write “Box on Wheels, Constantly Moving, USA”?    Should I use our mail service address?  The address of the park we are in?   One of the kids addresses?

Also, I’m a little nervous about possibly seeing my face on a milk carton.  I’m pretty sure that UPS and Amazon have both reported me missing because of the dip in their business.

Then there is the fact that beyond this month I don’t have any *gasp* PLANS!

I need plans!  I’m Planny McPlannerson!

Yesterday I was asked what we would be doing after this month, and I glibly said: “We’ll go where the wind blows us.”

As soon as the words were out, I had a panic attack.  My heart started to race, I got sweaty and felt nauseous.

Indigestion Dave said it was probably the fried tacos I’d just eaten, but it sure felt like No Plan Panic to me.

Where would we go?


What would we do?

I knew this lifestyle change would require attitude and expectation adjustments. Because we’ve been on the go for the last month, I haven’t had the idle time that allows the questions, doubts, and fears to creep in.

It shocked me a little when they did.

After an unattractive burp (dammit, it WAS the tacos ) and a deep breath, I realized that I don’t have to have a long-range plan.

I’m determined to learn to live in the moment and to hurdle over the roadblocks my brain puts in my way.

I don’t need a permanent address.   Amazon will survive without me.

When I fill out those forms that require an address, I will just write illegibly and address myself in the third person as “Dr. Adventure”.

And I’m swearing off fried tacos.

That’s the plan.

Stay tuned….












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1 Response to The RV Series- Tacos, Plans and a New Reality

  1. NOT having a plan is like having a plan too! Good luck! You’ll be fine! And please, never, ever stop eating tacos!!

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