The RV Series- Sunny Days and Priorities

We’re settling into our “parked here for awhile” routine.

Each day after we drop the dogs off at daycare, we drive the 20 miles to Newport Beach to visit our granddaughter Sunny.  Two years ago we were able to stay in a park right in Newport but on this trip, this was the only park we could find to accommodate our size and time frame, so we have a little commute every day.

In many areas that drive would take about 30 minutes.   But in southern California traffic, depending on what time we’re driving it, it’s a 40 to 80-minute trip.

40-80 minutes in bumper to bumper crazy stress-inducing traffic.

Time with Sunny is worth any travel time stress.   She just turned two and every minute with her makes my heart smile.

Today she discovered GiGi’s jewelry.   I told her that one day that bracelet will fit her arm and along with the rest of GiGi’s things will live in her jewelry box.

FullSizeRender (20)

In response, she pointed to the bounce house on the patio and said: “bouncy.”

Priorities, you know, are important.

Bouncing is much more fun that jewelry when you are two.   Heck, bouncing is probably a lot more fun than jewelry when you’re sixty-two.

DSC_0041 (3)


But right now, for me,  there isn’t anything more fun than a Sunny day.

I think Saltwater PopPop Dave just might feel the same way.


Next week Sunny will become a big sister when baby brother is born.   I hope she thinks that’s as much fun as the bouncy.

Stay tuned….

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