The RV Series-That’s the Plan

A blog or so ago we talked about plans and my obsessive need to know what I’m doing.

As an aside, I may start using “A blog or so” as a measurement of time.   Like a fortnight or an eon.  You never know, it could catch on.

Anyway, I said I was going to try to hurdle the “need to plan” roadblocks and go with the flow.

And I am, really I am.

So, remember I told you we were here ( Southern California)  through July 10th ( now the 16th) but after that, we had no concrete plans?

Now we do.

My ducks have marched into a neat row and are doing the conga.  I know what I’m doing through the end of March 2018.

On July 16th Bella- Box On Wheels will leave Orangeland RV Park and head toward Palm Springs to spend two nights at the Motor Coach Country Club which, like the Las Vegas Motor Coach Resort, is an ownership resort. We’ve heard great things about the lots there and would like to see them.

On the 18th we are off to the White Mountains in Arizona to spend a little time with my sister and brother in law who will be vacationing there.   We’ll be there until the end of July.

Then we’ll point Miss Bella-BOW back toward Nevada to the Las Vegas Motor Coach Resort ( which, in the summer, is also known as DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING without an OV-Glove Resort)where we’ll spend two weeks.  After that, we head back here to Orangeland RV Park for one month.

That will bring us to September 15.

At that point, the RV Series will go on hiatus for 6 months and a new blog category tentatively titled “The High-Strung Redhead and Beachy Dave along with two black and white dogs move into a 700 sq ft beach apartment one block from their grandkids and one block from the sand and spend 6 months doing that beachy thing”.

Yeah, that category title needs some work.  Maybe just The Beach Series.   

The best thing about being retired is that we can do what we want.   In the short term, this is what we want.

Bella-BOW will go into storage for the winter and we’ll be beach bums.

Sounds great right?

Have I ever mentioned the aversion I have to sand?


Well, it should be a hoot.



Sunny does not have an aversion to sand.


Stay tuned…..

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4 Responses to The RV Series-That’s the Plan

  1. Alyssa says:

    It’s beautiful to read that you have discovered what you want! Where has been your favourite place to RV?

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