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Tahoe Trip-Part Two-The Rest of the Story

Yesterday’s post was all about the run, which was the primary reason we traveled to Lake Tahoe but the family mini-vacation was the bonus. This is the rest of the story. Bella Box on Wheels did not get to go … Continue reading

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The RV Series-Unexpected “Adventures”

Six days ago Dave, our 14 year old grandson Jack, Dallas the dog, and I left Columbus Ohio on what was to have been a ten day return trip to Las Vegas. We had our stops carefully and fully planned … Continue reading

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The RV Series- Getting Ready to Roll

We’re on the countdown to wheels rolling with just two more days in Newport Beach.   It’s been the best month.  I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with my granddaughter and have loved snuggling her newborn brother. PopPop Dave and I … Continue reading

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Beach Bumming-Learning to Surf!

I told you about our impending beach bum-i-ness a blog or so ago. Beginning the middle of August, we’re moving to an apartment at the beach where we’ll spend the following six months. The finding and renting process has been … Continue reading

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On Balancing the Losses

Before I retired, besides swiveling in my big chair and sniffing the sharpies, I spent many years staring at a balance sheet. Simply put, a balance sheet shows the assets and liabilities of your company. In contemplating how to write … Continue reading

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The RV Series-That’s the Plan

A blog or so ago we talked about plans and my obsessive need to know what I’m doing. As an aside, I may start using “A blog or so” as a measurement of time.   Like a fortnight or an … Continue reading

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The RV Series- Sunny Days and Priorities

We’re settling into our “parked here for awhile” routine. Each day after we drop the dogs off at daycare, we drive the 20 miles to Newport Beach to visit our granddaughter Sunny.  Two years ago we were able to stay in … Continue reading

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