Beach Bumming-Learning to Surf!

I told you about our impending beach bum-i-ness a blog or so ago.

Beginning the middle of August, we’re moving to an apartment at the beach where we’ll spend the following six months.

The finding and renting process has been a little bit dicey.   We thought we had one apartment, then another and today Google Dave found this place.

Let me add that this is an apartment I’ve never actually seen except in those real estate company photos that make everything appear perfect.

I looked carefully at the descriptive words used in the brochure for the word “unique.”  I know in real estate parlance ‘unique’ means “what a s**t hole !”

I was pleased not to find that word.

They did use “cozy” for one of the bedrooms, so I know that one won’t be usable, but that’s okay.

The apartment is a second floor unit with adjacent parking.   Adjacent, in this case, means there is no space beside the building, but there is a designated parking space across the street, somewhere.

And because it is a second-floor unit it will be a little bit of a challenge getting the dogs down the steps and out to potty.  Unless they learn to use the toilet….or fly.

Anyway, I’m fairly certain there have been bets made on how long I’ll last because of how high-strung, planny and straight row ducky I am.  Easy Going Dave would add the descriptive words “fussy” and “perfectionist” to that list.  But he has worked hard to find something that won’t make me crazy (er).

And honestly, all of this has been driving me a little bit crazy which is why I have decided to learn to surf.


*I’ll just wait here a minute while you picture me surfing*

Can you see it?  Me, hanging ten, riding the waves?

Ha!  No, not that kind of surfing!

Are you nuts?

There is sand involved in the ocean kind of surfing and possibly sharks.

But I do enjoy watching the surfers.

I love watching the way they go with the flow of the ocean and their own balance, not knowing exactly where that wave ( or their balance)  will dump them off or if they will ride to shore.

Surfing is a bit unpredictable.

Because unpredictable has always been my nemesis, the idea of me learning to go with the flow of things or to surf the waves of life has become a goal.

In fact, right on my bucket list after Mt Rushmore and before The Big Ball of Twine is the line that says “With The Flow.” ( I’ve penciled in ‘waves’ since we’re all about the beachy stuff now)

Surfing the flow or the waves of life requires me to make an adjustment to the person I am on a fundamental level.  Adjusting who I am has never been easy for me and requires constant self-reminders that I’m ok, life is ok and what I’m doing is a good thing.

This beach apartment might not be perfect in every way, but it is a BEACH apartment.  It’s close to my grandkids ( less than a short block) and did I mention the beach? (out the door, turn right, walk a few steps to the corner, and another right turn you can see the sand).   It has a small outside private space which will be a good place to enjoy my morning coffee.    These are all such positive things.

So, I’m determined to learn to surf the waves of life. I may not surf every day, I may fall off my board, and there may be days that I say ‘I hate this surfing crap’ but being able to surf life’s waves at all will be a win in the change column.

And who knows?   If I can learn to surf the daily waves of life maybe someday I’ll actually put my feet in the real water.


With sand socks and plastic bags on them of course…..


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