The RV Series- It all started like this…


People often ask how we came to make the decision to buy an RV and travel full time.

Settle in, get your popcorn and I’ll give you the cliff notes version.


It all started with peeing in the woods.

Yes, you read that right.

Years ago Woodsy Dave and I went fishing in Adirondacks.  There were no bathrooms close to the spot we were fishing and I had to go.

Woodsy Dave ( who can pee standing up) told me to go in the trees because, and these were his exact words ‘there isn’t another person around for miles‘.    Not being the woodsy type I had to ask for instructions.  Not being a woman, he tried his best.

I peed in my shoe ( NOT ON PURPOSE).

AND not 30 seconds after I finished, a hiker walked by.

End of peeing in the woods forever.

As I stomped back up the hill with my squishy shoe, I said through gritted teeth that I would never go fishing again unless we had an RV.

That gritted teeth comment started the wheels turning in both of our brains and planted a seed.

Over the next several years and some serious health scares we’d mention it as a retirement option but never seriously because retirement seemed so far away.

Then, in 2015 , we found out our California kids would be blessing us with our first granddaughter.    We knew we wanted to be there for the birth and to get to know our granddaughter for a bit of time.    We looked at hotels, apartment rentals, pet sitters, flights etc.

No matter what we did, it was going to be an expensive month.

I don’t remember who first brought up the idea of the RV, but we decided to “go look”.

In the forty three years we’ve been married , “go look” has almost always meant “let’s go buy something without thinking about it”.

This was no exception.

We ended up buying the first BBOW without much thought or research.  Our thinking was that we could take the dogs and save on hotels , etc.    Looking back I laugh hysterically every time I tell this story because who spends bags full of money on a Big Box on Wheels just to save on hotels?

Yeah, we do.

We took that trip in May and June and enjoyed the experience.

The seed had grown into a seedling.

We didn’t take many trips in 2016 so little BBOW sat in storage.   Then, at the end of 2016 the retirement dream suddenly became reality when we had the opportunity to sell the business.

This was when everything took off at hyper speed.    We made the decision to sell the house ( and everything in it), buy a bigger RV and travel full time.

In the space of 6 months, we retired, bought the bigger RV, sold the house and contents and became nomads.  So far, it’s proving to be a great decision.

I don’t spend much time looking backward, but when I do give it a thought, I have to laugh at the fact that this was all started because I peed in my shoe.

If we hadn’t gone fishing all those years ago or if I had longer legs and better balance who knows what we’d be doing right now but I bet it wouldn’t be as much fun as this adventure.

We’re ten days away from another month on the road before we settle in for our six months of beach bumming time.

Stay tuned…..



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