Tahoe Trip-Part Two-The Rest of the Story

Yesterday’s post was all about the run, which was the primary reason we traveled to Lake Tahoe but the family mini-vacation was the bonus.

This is the rest of the story.


Bella Box on Wheels did not get to go on this trip, as we rented a house in Tahoe City for the whole family.   We made the ten-plus hour trip on four wheels and loaded up the Jeep with all the things we’d need for the week

Let me just say that when a person is accustomed to traveling in their house with all of their things, it’s difficult to figure out just what might be needed when the house isn’t going along.    Dave needed certain items to crew for Jon, I needed some things to be comfortable in the house.    We ended up having to purchase a cargo carrier for the top of the Jeep to fit it all in.   By the time we got all the stuff, Dallas the dog and the two of us in the car, we’d packed a watermelon into a walnut.

The rental house in Tahoe City was set among some large pines.    Pine needles and huge pine cones covered the grounds.    The master bedroom had a nice balcony on the front of the house, and the back deck looked out into the woods.  Did I mention the bear gates and bear deterrents?  The house had electric wiring on the windows and doors as well as metal wrappings on the pines that were close to the balcony.   I am happy to say I didn’t see any bears but we did see evidence that there were some in the neighborhood.


I loved the sound of the wind starting in the south and moving through those trees and those trees loved throwing pine cones at my head.    I got pretty good at dodging, but I was rewarded with this awesome souvenir and learned that pine cones make great weapons.


The kids and grandkids arrived on Wednesday.   It was so nice to spend some time with all of them before the race started on Friday. After the race started, my daughter in law took the kids on daily adventures.  Because we had the dog with us and I wasn’t able to leave him alone for too long, I didn’t go.  The kids love these adventures, and my wonderful daughter in law manages a 15-month-old and a three-year-old with a Super Mom ease.  I did get to go to the local park with them on Sunday as evidenced by these “proof of the existence of GiGi ” photos



Ace is not yet a GiGi fan.  It’s okay, my Gi-ego can handle that.  The time will come when he will know that his GiGi really understands boys.

Sunny was happy to see me and even slept with me in the big bed for a couple of nights, along with Quacky the duck, a bunch of books, some pink cheerios ( which incidentally come hidden among regular cheerios and we must pick them out) and a sippy of water.    She is a great snuggler, and I loved having her close.


Dallas The Dog settled in well for a dog that always needs to know where his person is ( and remember, I am not his person).  He found a place on the couch to watch the front door just in case Dave came back through and he did fine with the kids. Sunny loved him and wanted to give him lots of hugs.  She did a great job of listening when I explained where and when it’s ok to pet him. Dallas especially loved the times when either Sunny or Ace were eating.   He got the stuff on the floor, and I heard him ask if we could please take these tiny human treat dispensers home with us.


The time together went by so quickly, as it always does.  On Tuesday evening we had a nice dinner, and then it was time to say goodbye.   We left early the next morning before the kids were up so we could make it home in one day.

After leaving the mountainous Tahoe area, the drive gets desolate and dusty.   We passed through a few little towns. One of them, Tonopah, boasted this place, which I’m sure was creepy as heck.  If you read the reviews, some of them say the place is haunted….by CLOWNS.


Clown Motel

Photo Credit-The Clown Motel


We drove by really fast because clowns freak me out.  A haunted motel full of them would give me a heart attack.

A little farther down the road, we saw a dust devil give birth to twins.



About two hours from home we got stopped in traffic due to an accident.   It looked like we were going to be held up for a very long time and driving Dave isn’t the most patient person waiting in traffic.

So, what did he do?

He off roaded right through the desert and around the accident.  There was a rutted, rocky road/path that led us around.  Not so bad in our Jeep but we saw people in a small hybrid trying to do the same thing, and I’m not sure they made it through the ruts.    Driving Dave is always up for an adventure.  Me?  Not so much.   I “holy shitted” my way through.


Finally, after almost 11 hours, we arrived back in Las Vegas.    The week was filled with laughter, a little anxiety and worry, lots of little kid snuggles, floor snacks for the dog and as always, a lot of love.

That’s what family is about.

A Yellowstone trip coming up later this month, the RV Series returns.

Stay tuned…


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